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Videos account for 79% of internet traffic. So if you’re looking for a marketing channel that will consistently deliver good results over a long period of time, video marketing is what you should be focusing on

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So why Video?

Well if you aren’t currently using videos for your business, and your competitors are, they’re already way ahead of you. In fact, a whopping 81% of marketing executives are now using online videos to attract leads and convert them into sales..

  • The major search engines are now indexing videos with the appropriate keywords

  • With over 3 billion hits a day on YouTube alone, it’s evident that a lot people like to watch videos

  • Whether through emails, texts, or social media sites, millions of videos are shared on a daily basis

  • Along with the entertainment and personal factors that come with videos, those who are visual learners will seek out videos before anything else

  • When you create a video, you are giving consumers a more personal experience than they would get from reading content alone

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What Makes Video Great?

Convert Your Audience

Video marketing has quickly become one of the most powerful and effective ways to put your digital marketing efforts on over-drive. Consumers love videos. So it’s time for you to give them what they want. If you’re ready to put your own custom Video Marketing Strategy in place, contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation!    

Why Use SocialBusNI for Video Marketing

SocialBusNI strongly believes in the power of online video marketing. Not only that, but we know what it takes to create campaigns that successfully boost website traffic, sales, and revenue. We can handle the entire process from creating your videos, to publishing them, to driving traffic to them – leaving no stone unturned. Ready to get started?

Get in touch today and we’ll discuss the process with you in more detail and provide a completely free price quote.

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